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Corporate welfare

Bonus Welfare: Dividend on The Dragon Boat Festival,Contribution Bonus on The Moon Festival, Annualonus on The Spring Festival

Vacation Welfare: Two weekends a month, Paternity eave, Parental Leave, Annual Leave

Insurance Welfare: Labor Insurance, Health Insurance,Group Insurance, Corporate Pension Plan

Dining benefits: Employee Restaurant, Meal Allowance

Clothing Welfare: Employee Uniform

Traffic Welfare: Fare Allowance, Employee Parking Lot

Entertainment Welfare: Domestic travel and Overseas travel,One day travel held by the Employee Welfare Committee, Employee regularly dinner

Allowance Welfare: Cash Gift for Employee Marriage, Childbirth and New House Scholarship for employee and their children Hospitalization Consolatory Allowance for employee Funeral Allowance for employee and their family dependants Gift Certificate on three festivals and birthday On-the-job training for employee

Other Welfares: Health Examination for employee Infirmary for employee Free Health Consulting Service by Doctor in factory