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Education System

Fostering talents is one of the most important policy in our company and also regard as the welfare of employee.

Interior education training:

Our company provide the orientation training for the new comer, also we arrange the mentor for guiding the new comer to adapt the work and understand the corporate culture. We also have Japanese course to encourage our personnel strengthen the language ability for benefiting the routine work.

Exterior education training:

To promote the professional ability, we will arrange our personnel to exterior specialized organization for training as well. The training content depends to the class for achieving the needed professional skills and foster the supervisor ability of each class.

Learing abroad:

Depends on the work requirement, our personnel can travel on official business to Japan or China for technique exchange. By means of the exchange to catch on the international industry trend, have more international point of view and be more competitive.

Class General education Professional education Abroad Interior lecturer
Manager, AVP




Prospective task solving / Leading ability / Pierce crisis and prevent TPS Language Lecturer fostering
Vice manager Management〈方針〉 / Foster talent OJT PM Culture
Section supervisor Management〈日常、方針〉 / Foster subordinate OJT Cost management Management
Subsection supervisor Routine management、PDCA solving problems QC Communication
Team leader Maintain management、TWI(JI、JM、JR) Professional skill  
Technician, Engineer, Commissioner Solve tasks and obey the rules Basic technique  
Operator~ Vice engineer ERP  
New comer Safey quality, base, knowledge, rule, awareness, culture Language